Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Institution of Education

In support of my previous post, here is the cover of one of the teacher's education courses I took just a few years ago.  Look at the picture very carefully.

This is a perfect depiction of how the world in general and our society operates. Everything, including our education system is designed to uplift the elite and the state and to attain to that.  People are used, abused, manipulated, oppressed, and even sacrificed or killed to obtain the goals of the elite and the state. There is selfish competition on every level. People are nothing but resources to be used or discarded at will. Human beings have no intrinsic value other than to serve as slave types to the state. This is man's way of doing things under the influence of Satan. And we are or have all been under it's influence. You might call this a pictoral representation of the Kingdom of Satan.

Now picture the opposite. An inverted pyramid with Christ on the bottom on the cross holding it all up. Each level as you go up gets larger and larger with love, cooperation, service, helping, etc. until at the top you have the lion laying down with the lamb, all mankind working together and sacrificing for one another in love, peace and harmony. That my friends would be the Kingdom of Heaven.

My question is; why are not the christians and the church already building that kingdom instead of acting like the picture below?

I can't wait until King Jesus comes back and fully establishes the Kingdom of Heaven!

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